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Deficient EBV-Specific B- and T-Cell Response in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Figure 5

CFS patients show reduced EBV-specific memory T-cell response.

(A) Comparison of cytokine producing CD4+ (upper panels) and CD8+ T cells (lower panels) of CFS patients and healthy controls after 10 days of stimulation with EBNA-1 (left panel, Control n = 17, CFS n = 23). Boolean gating strategy was applied to analyze IFN-γ/TNF-α/IL-2 triple, IFN-γ/TNF-α double, and IFN-γ and TNF-α single cytokine producing T cells after intracellular staining of isolated PBMCs incubated with Brefeldin A for 16 h. Stimulation with CMV pp65 (right panel, Control n = 7, CFS n = 5) is shown for IFN-γ/TNF-α/IL-2 triple, and IFN-γ single cytokine producing T cells. (B) Frequencies of PD-1 expression were analyzed for IFN-γ/TNF-α double producing CD4+ and CD8+ T cells after 10 days of stimulation with EBNA-1 or pp65 (n = 8). Statistical analysis was performed using the two-tailed Mann-Whitney-U test with ** p<0.01.

Figure 5