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Deficient EBV-Specific B- and T-Cell Response in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Figure 2

EBNA-1-IgG is reduced in a subset of patients but total IgG and B-cell subpopulations are not different in EBNA-1-IgG positive and -negative CFS patients.

(A) Serum IgG titers were assessed in CFS patients for EBV-IgG and EBV-EBNA-1-IgG (n = 387), (B–E) EBNA-1 negative (neg, n = 7) and positive (pos, n = 8) CFS patients were compared for (B) total IgG, (C) the absolute numbers of CD19+ B cells/nl blood, (D) frequencies of IgD+IgM+CD27+ marginal zone B cells, and (E) frequencies of IgD−CD27+ class switched memory B cells. Statistical analysis was performed using the two-tailed Mann-Whitney-U test and for IgG Fisher's exact one-tailed test for association analysis with *** p<0.0001.

Figure 2