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Photoresist-Free Patterning by Mechanical Abrasion of Water-Soluble Lift-Off Resists and Bare Substrates: Toward Green Fabrication of Transparent Electrodes

Figure 3

Optical micrographs of junctions of copper and copper/nickel microwires.

(a) A microwire junction fabricated by Method I. Surface roughness caused by the razor inadvertently abrading the substrate is apparent. (b) A microwire junction fabricated by patterned a PAA film with a polypropylene picnic knife, which was too soft to abrade the glass substrate, and thus the microwires appear to have a smoother topography. (c) A microwire junction patterned by direct abrasion of glass by a steel razor. Significant roughness generated by the razor is clearly visible.

Figure 3