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Bringing Dicynodonts Back to Life: Paleobiology and Anatomy of a New Emydopoid Genus from the Upper Permian of Mozambique

Figure 12

Niassodon mfumukasi caudal vertebra and atlas.

Caudal vertebra in dorsal (A), anterior (B), left lateral (C), posterior (D), anterodorsal (E), ventral (F) views and sagittal section (G); atlas intercentrum in ventral (H), anterior (I), dorsal (J), right lateral (K) views; left atlas neural arch in dorsal (L), medial (M), left lateral (N) views. af, articular facet; atp, atlas intercentrum transverse process; cn, neural canal; dec, dorsal excavation on the centrum; exoccf, exoccipital facet; la, lateral.

Figure 12