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Bringing Dicynodonts Back to Life: Paleobiology and Anatomy of a New Emydopoid Genus from the Upper Permian of Mozambique

Figure 8

Niassodon mfumukasi internal cranial bones.

Right lateral (A), left lateral (B), dorsal (C), ventral (D), and anterior (E) view. ap, alar process of the prootic, bsh, basisphenoid; co, crista osophagea; ecpt, ectopterygoid; eppt, epipterygoid; eth, ethmoid; ethmv, ethmoid vacuity; f VII, facial foramen; itg, intertuberal groove; lb, lateral buttress; pal, palatines; palv, palatine vacuity; pal f, palatal foramen; pila, pila antotica of the prootic; psh, parasphenoid; pt, pterygoid; qrpt, quadrate ramus of the pterygoid; qrptf, quadrate ramus of the pterygoid fragments; stur, sella turcica; sco, sclerotic ossicles; smx, septomaxilla; v, vomer.

Figure 8