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PCaAnalyser: A 2D-Image Analysis Based Module for Effective Determination of Prostate Cancer Progression in 3D Culture

Figure 12

Peripheral versus non-peripheral and clump-breaking defined functions.

A) Steps involved in processing read-map classifications with options set for proportional width and boundary-mask. Images depict a DU145 spheroid in a 3D matrix following immuno-labelling for β1 integrin subunit. Panels in this figure refer to the intensity of the antibody and distribution of the β1 integrin subunit. The distribution of β1 remained primarily around the outer membrane/peripheral region of the spheroid. B) Original image of DU145 spheroid B') Application of PCaAnalyser utilising the clump-breaking functions, after magnifying the signal the software found non-zero signals in between the two spheroids like masses and detected it as a single spheroid.

Figure 12