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Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis of the Fast Growing Shoots of Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis)

Figure 3

The expression profiles of 12 selected genes in different height shoots and culms after leaf expansion of moso bamboo.

The transcript levels were normalized to that of TIP41 (tonoplast intrinsic protein 41), and the level of each gene in the control was set at 1.0. Error bars represent the SD for three independent experiments. H-1, shoots of 10 cm, H-2, shoots of 50 cm, H-3, shoots of 100 cm, H-4, shoots of 300 cm, H-5, shoots of 600 cm, H-6, shoots of 900 cm, CK, culms those have stopped growing in height after leaf expansion. CYCA (cyclin A), EXP (expansin), FTK (fructokinase), BGL (beta-glucanase like), ARF (auxin response factor), MYB (myb proto-oncogene protein), MYC (transcription factor MYC), DOF (dof zinc finger protein 10), SAUR (small auxin up RNA), AUX1 (auxin influx carrier LAX family), GID (gibberellin receptor GID), GID1 (gibberellin receptor GID1).

Figure 3