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People Bouncing on Trampolines: Dramatic Energy Transfer, a Table-Top Demonstration, Complex Dynamics and a Zero Sum Game

Figure 8

Bouncing as a zero sum game.

a) Two players drop from the same height and they can pick a rigid leg length to modify their contact times. b) The normalized energy increase in mass-1 (the payoff function) as a function of the leg length choices of the two players, when the two players drop from an initial height of 2 m. The vertical line (blue/red) shows the minimax and maximin strategy that coincide. c) The payoff function when initial height is 0.9 m. For this height, the pure minimax (denoted player 2) and maximin (denoted player 1) strategy do not coincide. The second panel shows the optimal probabilities corresponding to mixed minimax strategies. For these calculations, we used parameter values pertaining to people, as used earlier (kg, etc).

Figure 8