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The Bacterial Carbon-Fixing Organelle Is Formed by Shell Envelopment of Preassembled Cargo

Figure 2

Mapping of carboxysome lineages reveals that new organelles undergo an initial refractory period before producing daughters of their own.

(A) Example lineages of carboxysomes from three out of 25 total cells analyzed from a 522 frame movie taken at 3 minute intervals over approximately 26.1 hours. Each line represents a carboxysome tracked through time, with right-angle connectors joining daughters to mothers. Digits at the top of the panel indicate the number of times carboxysomes present at the beginning of the movie have colocalized birth events over the course of the analysis (26.1 hours), represented in the histogram in panel B. Vertical dotted lines indicate the measurable age of mothers when a daughter appears, represented in the histogram in panel C. Horizontal dotted lines indicate the time of cell division. (B) Histogram of the number of births colocalized to original carboxysome in the entire dataset (n = 65). (C) Histogram of measurable ages of mothers tabulated over the entire dataset (n = 31).

Figure 2