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From Income to Capital Breeding: When Diversified Strategies Sustain Species Coexistence

Figure 1

Seasonal dynamic of the whole-body energy budget of wild-caught females belonging to the four Curculio species.

Upper row (A): Number of oocytes contained in the females ovaries. Mated and virgin females are distinguished according to the occurrence of sperm in their spermathecae and are individually represented with full grey and black circles, respectively. Lower row (B) shows total energy budget of female insects. Newly-emerged (full black circles) and lived-trapped females (open circles) are shown. For each species, the vertical line represents the starting date of oogenesis (C. venosus 05/13/2009 -m/d/y- ; C. pellitus 06/23/2009; C. glandium 07/07/2009; C. elephas 08/05/2009).

Figure 1