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Identification of an Enhancer That Increases miR-200b~200a~429 Gene Expression in Breast Cancer Cells

Figure 1

An active chromatin domain is located upstream of the miR-200b~200a~429 locus.

Normalized ChIP-seq signal profiles were generated for H3K4me1, H3K4me3, H3K9/14ac, H3K27ac and H3K27me3 at the miR-200b~200a~429 locus (chr1:1,090,000-1,105,000) in (A) epithelial HMLE cells and (B) mesenchymal HMLE that have undergone EMT. The x-axis shows the distance in kilobases (kb) relative to the TSS (designated 0), the chromosomal coordinate marking the TSS is indicated and a schematic diagram of the primary miR-200b~200a~429 transcript is positioned boxes indicate the mature miRNA hairpin transcripts. The y-axis shows the sequencing coverage per million reads for each histone modification normalized to the Input control sample. (C) CpG methylation analysis of the miR-200b~200a~429 locus in epithelial HMLE cells (left panel) and in mesenchymal HMLE cells following 46 days of TGF-β1 (right panel) treatment using Illumina HM450K methylation array [36]. An arrow marks the TSS. The x-axis indicates the distance in kb from the TSS designated 0. The y-axis shows the % CpG methylation occurring at each genomic region.

Figure 1