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Coral Colonisation of an Artificial Reef in a Turbid Nearshore Environment, Dampier Harbour, Western Australia

Figure 1

General location map of Dampier Harbour, Western Australia (A).

Areas of coastal development are shaded in grey, including wharves, jetties, causeways, processing plants and stockpiles. Enlargement of the study area (B), showing the location and configuration of the artificial reef, the nine subsites on the reef, and a nearby natural reef site where water quality and coral community composition data were collected. Subsites on the artificial reef are named according to their aspect (S = seaward, L = landward), substrate (R = rock, C = concrete) and location (1, 2 and 3 = west, central, east). Quadrat surveys were undertaken at all nine subsites. Tile deployments were undertaken at the six rock substrate subsites, and six subsites at the natural reef site.

Figure 1