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Dynamic Simulation and Metabolome Analysis of Long-Term Erythrocyte Storage in Adenine–Guanosine Solution

Figure 3

Predicted transition of enzymatic activities and schematic representation of flux distributions in PAGGGM-stored RBCs.

Panel A: Transition of enzymatic activities. Each enzymatic activity was represented as a normalized value between −1.0 and 1.0 Each value was normalized by an absolute maximum value during 0–35 days of storage simulation. Panel B: Schematic representation of metabolic pools and flux distributions in PAGGGM-stored RBCs during 0–7 days of storage (top panel) and 8–35 days of storage (bottom panel). Total HX represents the sum of intracellular and extracellular HX. Circles and arrows indicate metabolic pools and fluxes, respectively. The width of arrows is proportional to fluxes of metabolic reactions predicted by the model. Abbreviations used in this figure are given in Table 1.

Figure 3