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TrOn: An Anatomical Ontology for the Beetle Tribolium castaneum

Figure 4

Application of TrOn at the iBeetle-Base.

The figure shows a survey and detail views of the search interface of iBeetle Base that can be found at A) An overview of the search page is depicted. The black arrow points to the number of search results for the entered search terms. B) A suggestion tree is displayed upon click on the respective button, showing the generic terms of the ontology with annotated features of the iBeetle screen downstream. In brackets, the number of occurrences of a given term in the database is given. C) After a search, an extract of the ontology can be displayed, which represents the terms which contributed to the search result. In this case the number in brackets indicates the number of hits for this term in the search results. D) Upon typing a search term, a completion list is displayed. The displayed terms are generic terms which match the entered term or its synonyms.

Figure 4