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TrOn: An Anatomical Ontology for the Beetle Tribolium castaneum

Figure 3

Generic and concrete subsets of terms.

Selected terms and relations with respect to the femur are shown. The femur is the third leg segment (or podomer) of insects. It is present at all life stages, but looks quite different between e.g. larval and adult stages. Hence, femur is defined to be a generic term, i.e. an umbrella term, which defines morphological concepts, that are not linked to a certain stage or species. The concrete terms in contrast define dissectible structures of a certain life stage of Tribolium, which can be very different between life stages or insects species. The center’s colors of the nodes represent the subset of the ontology the node belongs to, i.e. generic, concrete or mixed class. The border of the node indicates the developmental stage of the represented term.

Figure 3