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Plant F-Box Protein Evolution Is Determined by Lineage-Specific Timing of Major Gene Family Expansion Waves

Figure 2

Phylogeny of F-box proteins with C-terminal FBA domains in land plant species.

A, Phylogenetic tree of A. thaliana, V. vinifera, P. trichocarpa, O. sativa, S. bicolor, S. moellendorffii and P. patens FBA proteins. Multiple sequence alignments of the full-length FBA protein sequences were performed using MUSCLE. The phylogenetic tree was generated using ML methods in GARLI. The tree was rooted with the FBA protein sequence of Coccomyxa sp. C-169. The color code corresponds to the different species. B, Ratios of unstable, stable and singleton FBA proteins in the seven analyzed land plant species.

Figure 2