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Improved Blue, Green, and Red Fluorescent Protein Tagging Vectors for S. cerevisiae

Figure 5

Recommended fluorescent protein combinations for yeast imaging.

Recommended fluorescent protein combinations for imaging in yeast are broken down by filter set (horizontal axis) and experimental requirement (vertical axis). All proteins mentioned here are available in yeast tagging vectors either from this paper or from [6], [9] and most are available from Addgene. Recommended proteins are listed first, with alternatives given in parentheses. It is likely that iFP1.4 [22] or iRFP [23] can be used to image in the far-red (Cy5) channel, but this has not been tested in yeast. mWasabi is dimmer that EGFP or GFPγ, but is not excited at 405 nm, allowing it to be multiplexed with T-Sapphire [14].

Figure 5