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Intracellular Water Exchange for Measuring the Dry Mass, Water Mass and Changes in Chemical Composition of Living Cells

Figure 3

Dry density and dry mass of a yeast culture.

a) Growth curve of a culture started from a 1000-fold dilution of a recently-saturated culture (time 0h). b) Distributions of dry densities for the time points indicated in a). Distributions expected due purely to measurement error (see text) are shown as black dashed lines. c) Dry mass distributions for the same time points. d) Single-cell data for time point 8h. Solid lines is median dry density and dashed lines are 99% bounds on the expected dry densities if all cells actually had the median dry density, given known measurement error (see Methods). e) Dry density distribution medians for several replicates: curves 1 and 2 are technical replicates and 2–4 are biological replicates; curve 3 is for data show in b).

Figure 3