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Similarities in the Age-Specific Incidence of Colon and Testicular Cancers

Figure 2

The specific incidence, as recorded by the SEER-17 cancer registries from 2000–2009, for testicular germ cell tumors (seminomas) is shown as a function of age.

The points indicate the measured values and the error bars indicate 95 % confidence intervals. The incidence reaches a maximum in the early 30's and decreases to near zero. The solid line indicates the best fit Weibull distribution. The agreement between the data and the line supports the extreme value model. The area under the line is about 207, which indicates that in a population of 100000 men only about 207 men are susceptible to developing this form of cancer. The actual number of tumors that develop in those 100000 men will be lower than 207 because some men will die before they develop testicular cancer.

Figure 2