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Similarities in the Age-Specific Incidence of Colon and Testicular Cancers

Figure 1

The ratio of the 2000 SEER-17 population to the 2000 US Census population is plotted as a function of age.

To estimate the population by age of 85 to 99 year old people, we found the best match between the US population and the SEER-17 population for ages 60–84, indicated by the solid line at 0.24. We then used that multiplied that ratio (0.24) by the measured 2000 US Census population by age for 85 to 99 year olds, to obtain an estimate of the SEER-17 population by age for ages 85–99. This figure shows the estimates for ages 85–99, along with associated error and the ratio for ages 0–84 years of age.

Figure 1