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Metastability and Inter-Band Frequency Modulation in Networks of Oscillating Spiking Neuron Populations

Figure 6

Average number of correlations, and the peak of modulated exploration.

The setup is the same as for figure 3 and subsequent figures. (A) The average number of mean intermittent frequency correlations found for networks using the QIF neuron model, (B) the same as panel A for the HH neuron model. The number of correlations found has been normalized by the number of coexisting frequency time series in all oscillators on each simulation run. The figure shows, on average, how many frequencies in other oscillators each individual frequency is interacting with at each time point. (C) and (D) show from two different angles a combination of mean intermittent frequency correlation and coalition entropy for the QIF neuron model. The values of both metrics have been normalised before multiplying them together. The graphs emphasise a peak area, and in this area there is also a linear relationship between weight and connection probability. This peak area facilitates modulated exploration of a large repertoire of different coalitions.

Figure 6