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Imperfect Duplicate Insertions Type of Mutations in Plasmepsin V Modulates Binding Properties of PEXEL Motifs of Export Proteins in Indian Plasmodium vivax

Figure 7

Structural representations with Lopinavir interactions.

(A) Displaying active site of the PvPM-V Sal-1 (wild type) and its interaction with only known inhibitor lopinavir (red) (B) Displaying active site of the PvPM-V-Ind (mutant) and its interaction with known inhibitor lopinavir (red). The docked lopinavir (red) showing interaction with hydrophobic amino acid residue (white) of the active site, while hydrophilic residues: acidic (red), Basic (blue) and neutral (green) comprise of the docking site. There are clear overall changes in structure as well as in interacting amino acids with the ligand.

Figure 7