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Imperfect Duplicate Insertions Type of Mutations in Plasmepsin V Modulates Binding Properties of PEXEL Motifs of Export Proteins in Indian Plasmodium vivax

Figure 6

Structural representations of model PvPM-V.

(A) PvPM-V Sal-1 (Wild Type) (B) PvPM-V-Ind (mutant). Displaying docked PEXEL motif (sky blue helix) with the active site showing different pockets of interaction with different PEXEL amino acid side chains. Deepest pockets for are for first (green) and last (blue) AA. Low number of interacting AA (white) suggests more ambiguity allowed at the PEXEL member. Active aspartyl residues (red) clearly interact with the backbone of docked peptide at the point of cleavage.

Figure 6