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Evidence That Primary Visual Cortex Is Required for Image, Orientation, and Motion Discrimination by Rats

Figure 4

Lesion boundaries for subject S1.

A. Summary of lesion boundaries. This subject had extensive bilateral damage to area V1. The estimated Right Side % V1 damage was 97%. The estimated Left Side % V1 damage was 84%. The only sparing of V1 tissue was at the most extreme lateral edges that formed the border of V2 and the sparing was slightly more extensive on the left side. Some minor sparing also occurred to the thin lateral band of V1 and extends most anterior. Extra V1 damage occurred to V2 that borders the medial aspect of V1 and the retrosplenial cortex. Minor damage also occurred to the post subiculum and the dentate gyrus. B. Sample section through V1 illustrating quality and extent of the damage attained by ibotenic acid injection.

Figure 4