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Evidence That Primary Visual Cortex Is Required for Image, Orientation, and Motion Discrimination by Rats

Figure 2

Training on multiple visual tasks: subject S1.

Each symbol shows the fraction of correct responses for one task at the end of one day. Color indicates task as follows: Approach Salient Visual Target (Figure 1A) with statue target (red) or CW grating target (magenta); Image Discrimination (Figure 1B) (blue); Motion Discrimination (Figure 1C) with 85% coherent motion (green); and Orientation Discrimination (Figure 1D). Error bars indicate the 95% binomial confidence bounds. Training day indicates calendar days, except that a three week gap in training occurred after day 10 (slash marks). Performance is only reported when the rat's side bias was <15% and ≤40 valid trials completed on a given day; training occurred on other days and tasks not meeting these criteria.

Figure 2