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Yahtzee: An Anonymized Group Level Matching Procedure

Figure 6

The correlation between friends' validated voting behavior based on the proportion of interaction between the dyad in the three months prior to the election.

We categorized all friendships in our sample by decile, ranking them from lowest to highest percent of interactions. Each decile is a separate sample of friendship dyads. For example, decile 1 contains all friends at the 0th percentile of interaction to the 10th percentile while decile 2 contains all friends at the 11th percentile of interaction to the 20th, and so on. Interactions include actions on Facebook that could be directed from one user to another and include: comment, like, message, poke, wall post, tag or chat. These correlations exist well outside of simulated null distributions. 95% confidence intervals are displayed in Table 4.

Figure 6