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Does Trophic Status Enhance or Reduce the Thermal Tolerance of Scleractinian Corals? A Review, Experiment and Conceptual Framework

Figure 4

Effects of temperature and organic enrichment on skeletal growth in A. millepora and M. tuberculosa.

Change in weight (g) of surviving colonies over 67 days for (a) Acropora millepora and (b) Montipora tuberculosa. Fitted grey lines show the relationship between initial weight and weight gain. In A. millepora, weight gains were 45% reduced in colonies exposed to 31.2°C (crosses) than those exposed to 25°C (circles), and not related to initial weight. In M. tuberculosa, weight gains were 24% reduced in colonies exposed to +OE (crosses) than those not exposed to OE (circles), and declined with initial size for small colony fragments. The other factors under consideration did not significantly affect weight gains in the two species.

Figure 4