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The First Metriorhynchid Crocodylomorph from the Middle Jurassic of Spain, with Implications for Evolution of the Subclade Rhacheosaurini

Figure 6

Teeth variation (heterodonty) and reception pits in Maledictosuchus riclaensis gen. et sp. nov. holotype MPZ 2001/130a.

Photographs and interpretative drawings. A, premaxillary teeth; B, morphology of M1 to M4; C, morphology of M5 to M11; D, morphology of M15 to M26, and detailed photograph and drawing of M23 to M25; E, morphology of M26 to M31. Stripped pattern represents rebuilt mastic surfaces and teeth; grey colored circles represent empty alveoli (teeth are not preserved); circles with broken line represent reception pits. Scale bar = 1 cm.

Figure 6