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The First Metriorhynchid Crocodylomorph from the Middle Jurassic of Spain, with Implications for Evolution of the Subclade Rhacheosaurini

Figure 3

Skull of Maledictosuchus riclaensis gen. et sp. nov. holotype MPZ 2001/130a, photographs and interpretative drawings.

A, dorsal view; B, left lateral view; C ventral view; D, posterior view. Scale bar = 5 cm. Stripped pattern represents rebuilt mastic surfaces. Dotted pattern represents matrix. Anatomical abbreviations: bo, basioccipital; bsf, basisphenoid; bt, basioccipital basal tubera; cq, cranioquadrate canal; den, dentary; ef, Eustachian foramen; en, external nares; eo, exoccipital; ept, ectopterygoids; fm, foramen magnum; fr, frontal; ic, foramen for the internal carotid artery; in, internal nares; itf, infratemporal fenestra; j, jugal; la, lachrymal; ma, maxilla; na, nasal; oc, occipital condyle; oca, otic canal; orb, orbit; pa, parietal; pal, palatine; pfo, preorbital fossa; po, postorbital; pop, paroccipital process; pre, premaxilla; prf, prefrontal; pt, pterygoids; qu, quadrate; so, supraoccipital; sof, suborbital fenestra; sq, squamosal; stf, supratemporal fenestra.

Figure 3