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Deformation of Attractor Landscape via Cholinergic Presynaptic Modulations: A Computational Study Using a Phase Neuron Model

Figure 3

Schematic diagram of our model.

(A) As an elemental model of a small network in layers 2/3 in the early visual cortex, we construct a unit model that is composed of PYRs and INs, each of which is modeled as a phase neuron connected to all the other neurons globally. We set and or we take the limit in the analysis of the Fokker-Planck equations (see the Methods section). (B) The multiple units in cortical layers 2/3. ACh decreases inhibitions to PYRs through the presynaptic, muscarinic disinhibitions, and it stabilizes the quasi-attractors. The top-downs Glu spike volleys to the apical distal dendrites of PYRs contribute to the selection of attractors. (C) Connections between two units. Only the connections from the left unit to the right one are shown for simplicity.

Figure 3