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Systematic Transcriptome Wide Analysis of lncRNA-miRNA Interactions

Figure 3

7sl RNA lncRNA is down regulated by mir-125b in Zebrafish.

A: Sequence alignment of human 7sl lncRNA with the predicted zebrafish lncRNA. The predicted miR-125b target region is highlighted in gray color. B: Predicted binding alignment of miR-125b with human 7sl lncRNA and the predicted zebrafish lncRNA. C and D: Representative image of non-injected (NIC) and anterior posterior axis curvature defect in zebrafish embryos at 2 dpf. C) Non-injected control embryo (NIC) and D) miR-125b injected embryo. E: Relative quantification assay in 2dpf zebrafish embryos for the predicted zebrafish 7sl lncRNA. Non-injected control (NIC), control mimic (miR-144) and miR-125b mimic. Data collected from 3 independent experiments is represented as mean fold change. ± SD. Asterisk (*) indicates p value of 0.01 as determined by 2-tailed t-test.

Figure 3