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RNA-Seq Profiling of Spinal Cord Motor Neurons from a Presymptomatic SOD1 ALS Mouse

Figure 2

Differential expression in G85R motor neurons.

A. Heatmap of selected genes from Table S2 significantly differentially expressed (raw p-value <0.005) between wild-type and G85R SOD1-YFP mice. For each gene listed, the ratio of RPKM values (G85R/WT) for individual pairs of biological replicates (Rep1, Rep2) is plotted according to the color code below. B. Validation of differentially expressed genes in G85R by qRT-PCR. Shown are box plots representing relative expression values of each gene in G85R versus wild-type motor neurons. Upper whisker represents top 25% of values, box represents the middle 50% of values, and lower whisker represents bottom 25% of values. Median value is indicated by horizontal dashed line. Statistical significance calculated by REST 2009 [37] is indicated by * = p<0.05, ** = p<0.005, *** = p<0.0005. RNAs from at least three different mouse pairs were compared for each gene. Note that the Hsp110 and B2m validations used one exon-junction-spanning and one non-spanning primer set; minus reverse transcriptase controls for these samples were negative for DNA contamination. The expression changes in the left nine genes were validated with 0.19 ng of total RNA, while the remaining six were validated with 1.5 ng of total RNA.

Figure 2