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Using Bacteria to Determine Protein Kinase Specificity and Predict Target Substrates

Figure 4

Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves for the scan-x and Scansite PKA and CK II kinase specific predictors.

These curves illustrate the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity achieved by the ProPeL based scan-x (red) and combinatorial peptide library based Scansite (blue) predictors, and indicate the similarity of results achieved using these experimentally orthogonal approaches. Panels (A) and (B) are based on PKA serine and threonine predictions, respectively, while panels (C) and (D) are based on CK II serine and threonine predictions, respectively. The Scansite web server does not score all phosphorylatable residues in a given sequence, which results in partial ROC curves.

Figure 4