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Reverse Genetics Screen in Zebrafish Identifies a Role of miR-142a-3p in Vascular Development and Integrity

Figure 3

Overexpression of miR-142a-3p in zebrafish embryos induces hemorrhage and vascular remodeling.

A - Sequence alignment of mature miR-142a-3p from different species is highlighted with seed sequence in gray color. B – Synteny analysis of human miR-142 on chromosome 17 with zebrafish miR-142a on chromosome 5. Arrow in genes indicates strand information on chromosome. C - Bar graph showing cerebral hemorrhage phenotype in miR-142a-3p duplex injected Tg(fli1:EGFP, gata1a: dsRed) zebrafish embryos at 2 dpf. Data is represented as mean percentage ± SD (standard deviation) collected over 3 independent experiments and n is number embryos analyzed. D - I - Representative image of cerebral hemorrhage phenotype in Tg(fli1:EGFP, gata1a: dsRed) zebrafish embryos at 2 dpf. D,F,H - Non-injected control embryos (NIC) and E,G,I - miR-142a-3p injected embryos. H,I - Embryos stained with o-dianisidine. D–I - 2.5× magnification.

Figure 3