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Tanned or Burned: The Role of Fire in Shaping Physical Seed Dormancy

Figure 2

Germination (%) in the fire scenario and germination in the summer scenario.

Relationship between the germination (%) after the treatment of 120°C for 5 minutes (Fire scenario, y-axis) and germination after the treatment simulating temperature fluctuations in the soil in open areas during August (Fig. 1; Summer scenario, x-axis). Intraspecific variability (i.e., among populations) is indicated by small symbols (mean population value) emerging from the large symbol (mean species value; Fumana thymifolia, n = 2 populations; Cistus salviifolius, n = 6 populations; Cistus albidus, n = 4 populations; Cistus parviflorus, n = 1 population; Cistus creticus, n = 3 populations; Ulex parviflorus, n = 5 populations). The 1∶1 line is also shown (dotted line).

Figure 2