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GLP2-2G-XTEN: A Pharmaceutical Protein with Improved Serum Half-Life and Efficacy in a Rat Crohn’s Disease Model

Figure 1

In vitro characterization of purified GLP2-2G-XTEN protein.

A) ESI-MS analysis, major peak 83,142 Da – full length intact GLP2-2G-XTEN; minor peak 83,003 Da – des-His GLP2-2G-XTEN. B) non-reducing SDS-PAGE. Lane 1: molecular weight markers, lanes 2–4: 2 µg, 5 µg and 10 µg of GLP2-2G-XTEN, respectively. C) Size exclusion HPLC analysis. Solid curve: GLP2-2G-XTEN, 20 µg; dashed curve: molecular weights standard, which includes thyroglobulin 670 kDa, IgG 156 kDa, BSA 66 kDa, ovalbumin 45 kDa, myoglobin 17 kDa. D) Potency GPCR assay of GLP2-2G EC50 = 7 nM (95% confidence interval 4 nM to 12 nM) and GLP2-2G-XTEN EC50 = 380 nM (95% confidence interval 330 nM to 430 nM).

Figure 1