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Spastin's Microtubule-Binding Properties and Comparison to Katanin

Figure 6

Spastin Interaction with Subtilisin-treated Microtubules.

Panel A shows negative stain electron micrographs of microtubules and the spastin E442Q mutant in the presence of 1 mM ATP. In the top part, subtilisin-treated microtubules were used, the lower part shows native microtubules. Binding and bundling occurs only with native microtubules. Panel B shows a SDS-gel of tubulin before and after subtilisin-proteolysis. Panel C shows TIRF microscopy images of Alexa Fluor 555 microtubules (red) and GFP Δ227 HsSpastin E442Q (green). The GFP spastin construct decorates and bundles only untreated microtubules.

Figure 6