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Spastin's Microtubule-Binding Properties and Comparison to Katanin

Figure 2

Diffusion of Spastin along Microtubules.

Panel A shows an image sequence of GFP-Δ227 HsSpastin (green) on a microtubule (red). The scale bar is 1 µm, the time between two frames was 1 s (for analysis, the full time resolution was used; see Supporting Movie S1). Panel B shows the distribution of diffusion coefficients of 30 molecules. Each film sequence was analyzed frame by frame, and the x-y position of the molecule of interest was localized in each frame (see Material and Methods). The mean-squared displacements were calculated and plotted against time. These traces were used to calculate the 1-dimensional diffusion coefficient over a sliding window (size = 5 frames). The distribution of all local diffusion coefficients of all molecules is plotted in the histogram. Panel C plots a histogram of distances from frame to frame with a Gaussian fit.

Figure 2