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The Mitochondrial LSU rRNA Group II Intron of Ustilago maydis Encodes an Active Homing Endonuclease Likely Involved in Intron Mobility

Figure 4

qRT-PCR analysis to assess transcription of I-UmaI.

Comparison of transcript levels of I-UmaI, nad6, cox1, tbp, and lga2 in dependence on sexual development. RNA was isolated from either FB1, GF5 or the mating of FB1/GF5 strains cultivated for 48 h on solid charcoal-containing complete medium. For each strain, results were normalized against the expression of the probable TATA-box binding factor gene tbp (um10143). Means and standard errors refer to four technical replicates. Note the absence of lga2 (control for mating-dependent induction) and I-UmaI transcripts in strain FB1 (a1, F type). The detection threshold is set to 10−3 (relative units).

Figure 4