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An Approach for the Identification of Targets Specific to Bone Metastasis Using Cancer Genes Interactome and Gene Ontology Analysis

Figure 5

Heatmap of topological metrics computed for Cancer Genes Network.

The heatmap of pair-wise correlations among seven parameters that enumerate topological, dynamical and local clustering features of the network: betweenness, stress, degree, neighborhood connectivity (neigh_conn), clustering coefficient (clust_coeff), average shortest path length (avg_short_paths) and topological coefficient (topo_coeff). The heatmap highlights three parameters with very high mutual positive correlations (r = 0.8989, 0.9930 and 0.9210): degree, betweenness and stress. The upper triangle of the heatmap depicts pair-wise correlations as pie charts. The lower triangle depicts positive and negative correlations in shades of blue and red, respectively; the darker the color the stronger the correlation. Positive and negative correlations are also depicted with right- and left-handed diagonal lines.

Figure 5