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Genetic PEGylation

Figure 5

Mass spectrometry analysis of poly(ethylene glycol)-incorporated polypeptide.

a. Mass spectra of polypeptide incorporated with poly(ethylene glycol) chain. PEG4–FLAG, calculated 2681.177 for (M+H)+, found 2681.152; PEG12–FLAG, calculated 3033.386 for (M+H)+, found 3033.972; PEG16–FLAG, calculated 3209.492 for (M+H)+, found 3209.529; PEG24–FLAG, calculated 3563.890 for (M+H)+, found 3563.712; PEG48–FLAG, calculated 4709.244 for (M+H)+, not found. b. Molecular weight dependence of coefficient of incorporation of poly(ethylene glycol) into a polypeptide by in vitro translation.

Figure 5