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Late Maturation of Adult-Born Neurons in the Temporal Dentate Gyrus

Figure 4

Timecourse of strong NeuN expression across subregions.

a) Adult-born granule neurons increasingly expressed strong levels of NeuN with age and expressed NeuN earlier in the septal DG than in the temporal DG (effect of cell age F5,19 = 109, P<0.0001; effect of septotemporal subregion F1,19 = 18, P<0.001; interaction F5,19 = 7, P<0.01). b) Within the septal DG, overall NeuN expression was greater in the infrapyramidal blade (effect of cell age F5,19 = 84, P<0.0001; effect of blade F1,19 = 9, P<0.01; interaction F5,19 = 2, P = 0.2). **P<0.01, ***P<0.001, post hoc vs. temporal value at same time point.

Figure 4