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Targeting the Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia-Associated Fusion Proteins PML/RARα and PLZF/RARα with Interfering Peptides

Figure 2

PCC and POZ bind to PML/RARα and PLZF/RARα, respectively.

A, Theory for the peptide binding to X-RARα, as exemplified by POZ and PLZF/RARα. By binding the oligomerization domain of PLZF/RARα, POZ disables the self-oligomerization and the high-molecular-weight complex formation. B, C, HA-tagged peptides were co-expressed with PML/RARα or PLZF/RARα in the 293 cells through the transfection of the corresponding combination of pCDNA3 vectors with calcium phosphate. An HA-empty plasmid and an HA-tagged BCC (coiled-coil domain of BCR) were used as a specificity control. In B, PCC was transfected at two different concentrations, 5 and 10 µG DNA (first and second BCC lane, respectively). Immunoprecipitation (IP) was performed with an anti-HA matrix. Western blots were probed with α-HA and α-RARα antibodies.

Figure 2