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Targeting the Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia-Associated Fusion Proteins PML/RARα and PLZF/RARα with Interfering Peptides

Figure 1

Co-expression of PCC/POZ-GFP reverses IL3-independent growth in PCC/ABL- or POZ/ABL-positive BA/F3 cells.

A, Infected BA/F3 cells were cultivated for 5 days without IL3. The total cell count and FACS measurement of the GFP signal were ascertained daily, n = 3. The upper panels represent the GFP positive population accumulation, and the lower panels represent the IL3-independent growth of the Ba/F3 cells expressing the ABL fusions in the presence or absence of the related peptides or GFP alone, as indicated. Mock: PIDE vector without BCC-ABL or POZ-ABL, expressing only GFP. B, Western blot of whole cell lysates of Phoenix and BA/F3 cells probed for ABL (α-ABL), phospho-ABL (α-ABL*) and GFP (α-GFP). Control: empty vector. C, Schematic diagram of IL3 growth dependency, as shown for PCC. By fusing ABL to PCC, BA/F3 cells can grow in the absence of IL3. The introduction of PCC-GFP inhibits the PCC/ABL complex formation and restores IL3-dependent growth.

Figure 1