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Systemic Injection of Kainic Acid Differently Affects LTP Magnitude Depending on its Epileptogenic Efficiency

Figure 4

Presynaptic release probability, estimated from paired-pulse facilitation ratios, was modified neither in resistant nor epileptic rats.

(A) Representative traces recorded at different inter-pulse intervals indicated by the numbers above the records. The first record in a row corresponds to fEPSPs evoked by the first pulses. (B) Summary data of paired-pulse facilitation ratios obtained in the same slices used to induce LTP in figure 5. No significant differences were found among experimental groups (P>0.05). Data from n = 16 slices from 11 control rats; n = 7 slices from 7 resistant rats and n = 16 slices from 10 epileptic rats.

Figure 4