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Systemic Injection of Kainic Acid Differently Affects LTP Magnitude Depending on its Epileptogenic Efficiency

Figure 3

Basal synaptic transmission is altered after kainate treatment.

(A) Superposition of fEPSPs (5 consecutive responses) evoked by various stimulus strengths in single representative experiments obtained from control, resistant and epileptic rat. Stimulus-response curves for fEPSP (B) and the fiber volley FV (C) obtained in slices from the control (16 slices from 11 rats), resistant (15 slices from 10 rats) and epileptic (16 slices from 13 rats) groups. (D) Input-output curves were created by comparing FV amplitudes with fEPSP slopes from data depicted in B and C. (E) FV/fEPSP ratios for different ranges of stimulus strength shown in D confirm that resistant rats present a reduction of synaptic efficacy when compared with control animals (*P<0.05).

Figure 3