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Systemic Injection of Kainic Acid Differently Affects LTP Magnitude Depending on its Epileptogenic Efficiency

Figure 2

Histological studies.

(A) NeuN immunostaining was used to evaluate cell loss in coronal slices from control (A1), resistant (A2) and epileptic (A3,A4) animals. No strain differences were apparent for control and resistant rats, while different degree of cell loss was evident in Sprague-Dawley (SD) epileptic rats as compared with Wistar (W) [13]. (B) Timm staining was used to evaluate mossy fiber sprouting (MFS). Again, no apparent changes were found in control (B1) and resistant animals (B2), while MSF was obvious in the ventral hippocampus of epileptic animals (B3,B4). Scale bars are 500 µm.

Figure 2