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The Bite of the Honeybee: 2-Heptanone Secreted from Honeybee Mandibles during a Bite Acts as a Local Anaesthetic in Insects and Mammals

Figure 3

The locomotory pattern of tethered wax moth larvae and the gravitational reflex of Varroa mites

. a) Response of small-size wax moth larvae (WML) bitten by a honeybee, b) Response of large-size WML injected with 2.5 µL of 2-H, c) response of large-size WML injected with 1.63 mg of lidocaine d, e) modification of the gravitation reflex of Varroa exposed to 0.025 µL and 0.061 µL of 2-H (respectively), Vertical scale bar: a 3.4 mN, b 9.8 mN, c 75 μΝ, d 9.8 mN.

Figure 3