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Tomographic Reconstruction of Neopterous Carboniferous Insect Nymphs

Figure 3

Insect mouthparts.

A. Those of a typical biting-chewing insect, from Brusca & Brusca [77]. B. B. The mouthparts of the roachoid nymph MNHN.F.SOT086502 revealed by µCT. Abbreviations: ca = cardo; cl = clypeus; fr = frons; ga = galea; gl = glossa; hp? = possible hypopharynx; la = labrum; lb = labium; lc = lacinia; lg = lingul; ma = mandible, me = mentum; pa = palp; pp = palpiger; sb = submentum; st = stipes. Scale bar in B = 1 mm.

Figure 3