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Tomographic Reconstruction of Neopterous Carboniferous Insect Nymphs

Figure 2

The roachoid insect nymph described herein: MNHN.F.SOT086502 from the Montceau-les-Mines Lagerstätte, France.

A. Ventral view, showing limbs, head appendages and cerci. B. Dorsal view, showing wing pads. C. Ventral head showing mouthparts. D. Lateral view with leg segmentation and mouthparts labelled, antennae removed. Abbreviations: an = antenna; ce = cerci; co = coxa; e = eye; fe = femur; fb = femur break, reconstruction artefact resulting from the switch between pyrite infill and void; L1–3 = legs 1–3; la = labrum; lm = labium; lp = labial palp; ma = mandible; mp = maxillary palp; mr = median ridge; ms = mesonotum; mt = metanotum; mx = maxilla; pn = pronotum; ta = tarsus; ti = tibia; wp = wing pads. Scale bars: A,B = 5 mm; C,D = 1 mm.

Figure 2